All Safe Security Give You The Peace Of Mind That You Always Wanted

July 27, 2014

Feeling secure is a very important thing, and in today’s technologically advanced world, we can do more to feel secure than we ever have. Home security is big business, we care about our homes, the things in them and more importantly (I would hope), the people in them. Not to mention, that we all like to sleep soundly at night, if at all possible, and there’s no better way to do that than feeling secure inside your own home, while tucked nicely into your bed with your fluffy, down comforter wrapped around you like a cocoon. That sounds nice right? You probably feel like going to sleep now and you could, very easily, if you had the peace of mind that All Safe Security Systems instills after it’s system You like that? That was almost a play on words, maybe the next time that I have an opportunity, I’ll find a way to be even more clever by properly executing a real play on words, instead of just stringing together a few words that sound similar in a phonetic sense. Anyway, having a sense of humor can help people feel a little more comfortable when talking about something as serious as their home security. All I really want, is for people to sleep soundly at night and I know that can be difficult to do, if you don’t feel like you’re safe. So, dry your eyes and hold on tight, I’m gonna bring you into the safety zone, where everything feels warm and fluffy.

Have you ever walked up to someone’s front door and seen a sign in the grass or landscaping somewhere that states what kind of security system is inside their homes? That’s what’s called a deterrent, but I’m not sure how much a sign actually does to deter someone from trying to break into your house. Having the real thing is the best deterrent and the security monitoring that comes along with it, is incredibly fast and responsive. Call centers are manned with qualified, alert and helpful staff to take care of any kind of emergency that they can detect that you’re having, they can call the cops if need be and will also call your house to see if you’re ok if they receive an alarm. Think of them like 911 for your house, they’re able to install security cameras too if you want, imagine having that kind of peace of mind while you’re away from the house. You can check out your place from a remote location, even if you happen to be halfway around the world and a visible security camera is much more effective of a deterrent than a sign by your front door. Sign or no sign, camera or no camera, security alarm systems work and you can’t do anything more, from a security systems standpoint, to protect yourself, your things and your family as well if applicable. Your security means everything if you want to sleep soundly at night, and if your family wants to feel safe, warm and fuzzy.

Dental implants can make your life a lot easier.

Once you understand the many different aspects of dental implants, it is easy to see how important they can be in changing your appearance and your lifestyle. After all, dental implants can do more than simply replace broken or decaying teeth. You have so many different options available to you when you make an easy choice to get dental implants. Many people wonder what dental implants are in the first place and how they can be so versatile. http://www.levinfamilydental.comActually, dental implants are a really fascinating part of cosmetic dentistry as well as orthodontic and periodontic dentistry. The process by which dental implants assimilate into the mouth is simply astounding. As a part of the implant process, a titanium fixture is drilled or otherwise attached to the bone in the jaw of the mouth. The bone then accepts or rejects the foreign object as part of itself. Most of the time, this process occurs seamlessly and the implant becomes a part of the mouth. This process, in which the jaw bone accepts the new object as part of itself, is known as osseointegration, and this process is the part of the dental implant procedure that the whole experience hinges upon. Our bodies are such incredible things, and this ability to make a foreign object part of the mouth is truly one of the most interesting parts. After the osseointegration process is complete, a dental prosthetic is then attached to the dental implant, allowing the implant to become a part of the mouth and complete the process. Dental implants can then be used to solve a number of troublesome dental issues.

First, if you are in the market for a new set of teeth altogether, then dental implants might be right for you. In fact, some of the best dentures are ones that are created through a dental implant procedure. In these instances, either a full set of teeth or simply a few isolated replaces can be made. When doing this, anchor points are often attached to different points in the mouth. Once those are in place, the prosthetics can be placed. In this process teeth that remain are also often used to make the prosthetics more stable in the long term. This is a more expensive option for dentures, but this option means that the teeth will last longer and be more stable during this time.

Second, dental implants are excellent if you have just a few teeth that are going bad. For example, my dad had a biking accident as a child that knocked out his two front teeth. When the adult teeth grew in, these teeth were deadened and dark. As a child he had a root canal done, but with the new technology that offers the dental prosthetics, he got dental implants as an adult. Now his two front teeth look just like the rest of his teeth. With this difference, it is easy to see why getting dental implants can be the right choice for you. Talking with your cosmetic dentist to see if dental implants can make the difference for you mouth is a great way to make sure that you are getting the best options when it comes to your teeth.

Each domain name has a built-in image editor

July 24, 2014

domain names

The very first iteration of our company website was over fifteen years ago now and I still have a few screen grabs of it to look at and laugh every now and again. It was a primitive time for the internet and that gray and hot pink website a few web designers over a month to put together. There were no images, sound or animation. All that was there was the basic information of when our shop was open and what our primary function was. It’s funny because even though the website was not a tool for clients to use in any way, we still had a lot of regular visitors and business was great. Fast forward to today and the script has been flipped. You can no longer have sustained success simply based on the physical location of your company. You still need a website but rather than it just being something there to “wow” clients or to give them basic information, these days your website may very well carry the load of your sales transactions and could provide customers with much more than just basic hours of operation. Another thing that is dramatically different about websites today is the ease of which they are created and how stunningly sleek and professional they look.

We are now in our third version of the website and we couldn’t be more proud of the foot we put forward on the internet. Our web hosting company today is and thanks to their system and easy to use templates our website is constantly rated as among the easiest and most intuitive to use in the industry. The plans they offer are affordable and customizable to meet the needs of virtually any company and their SSL certificates are strong and keep our encrypted data safe. We first hear about from a friend after I viewed his website and became very jealous of it’s professional look. I figured he must have allocated a lot of money towards it’s design but I was surprised to hear that it was actually very affordable.

The packages that offers it’s customers are perfect for yourself or your company, no matter how big or small. They offer a starter “basic” package that is for just one website all the way up to what they call “unbelievable” and that is for an unlimited amount of sites. So, regardless if you are an individual hoping to sell some of your arts and crafts online or a company that requires many pages of indexing, can help you create a custom site that will blow your clients out of the water and it will be safely monitored twenty four hours a day.

Use the website builders at to help you create not only the website you always wanted, but one you would have never guessed you could make on your own. There are over 40 fully customizable templates complete with SSL certificates and the largest selection of domain names on the web. For reliable web hosting, contact today!


July 23, 2014

Gurus, you know what that means; a person with spiritual like qualities that is able to guide you in life. Gurus are aces, top dogs, the best of the best, gurus means, that someone has an almost supernatural knowledge of the world around them. We are carpet care gurus because to put it as simply as possible; we are the best guys in town. Nobody can even come close to the way we do things. There is a lever of service, let’s call this level, where the people treat you kindly, they give you a good service and you are in general, happy with the whole experience. Ok, so if all those qualities are represented by an A class service then what we offer at carpet care gurus, is a class A+ service. I mean, to be honest, we shouldn’t even be on the same scale as the other guys but we will try and use it just to give you some perspective of what we are like.

The whole carpet cleaning marketing world is doing their absolute best to imitate us and they have been doing it for years. They make their signs look like our signs and they use similar music in their commercials but they just can’t copy the level of quality that we provide. I mean, you can walk like Mickey Mantle and you can talk like Mickey Mantle, hey, you can even dress like Mickey Mantle, but that doesn’t mean that you are Mickey Mantle.

I guess we just have this attitude like; we want the best for everything. It starts at home. Around my house we only use the best ingredients for our food, we only hire the best digital cable service, we drive the best cars and we have the best swimming pool money can buy. We bring this attitude of quality from the home to the work place and right into your living room. We don’t settle for second best in anything we do and we wouldn’t ever expect our customers to either.  I am always telling the boys at work, “If you wouldn’t bring it into your own home, don’t you dare bring it into the home of our customers.”

When we set out to make a carpet cleaning web design, we contracted the New York Yankees of Carpet cleaning web design. I told out associates that we wanted all the bells and whistles on our web site. I told them that I wanted a site that would make a person excited to have their carpets cleaned. I wanted big flashing lights and entertaining music. Basically, I wanted to have a site that I myself would take joy in visiting, because like I said before, if it isn’t good enough for me, it sure isn’t good enough for the people I do business with.

Next time you hear the words guru and carpet cleaners, you will have a better idea of what they are talking about and you’ll be glad you didn’t settle for second best.

Carpet cleaning is one of the three rules to live by when renting

July 20, 2014

As a long-term renter, I have developed a set of rules to follow each time I move into a new place I am renting. These rules help me ensure that my family is safe and healthy and that we get our security deposit back at the end of the lease without a lot of trouble from our landlords, no matter how difficult they might be. I have had some very difficult landlords over the years and learned a few tricks along the way to help me handle them. Here are a few different things I do each time I move into a new rental home.

1. I insist that the landlord be there the day the lease begins and does a walk through with me, so I can document everything. I take a lot of pictures and following the walk through, I put in writing anything I found that might have been off. For example, if there is an off color spot on the carpet I photograph it and include it in an email to follow up. I have had to document locks that do not work properly, sinks that drain slowly, and dirty carpet, among other items.

2. That brings us to flooring. If there is carpet in the home, inspect it very carefully and make sure that any unsightly spots are documented from day one. Carpet is a sensitive subjectcarpet cleaner for most landlords and most of them hate to have to do anything about it. I almost always hire carpet cleaning services from the beginning, unless the entire unit is a brand new one. If someone has lived in it before I either ask the landlord to hire the carpet cleaning services or I do it myself if they refuse. Sometimes they do refuse, and cite the fact that the carpet “looks clean” but I simply cannot stand the idea of my child crawling around on a carpet that could have had anyone and anything walking around on it before. To save some headaches I usually also pay for carpet cleaning before moving out. Landlords know that I have a kid and a dog and they are ready to deduct from my security deposit immediately, so this is one of the steps I take to preempt them.

3. I keep as much as possible out of reach of my child and my dog, so that they can do as little damage as possible. This means little things like lifting the blinds high enough during the day so they cannot reach them, keeping art supplies far away from the carpet, and never allowing food or beverages other than water to leave the kitchen. This takes a little more diligence on the part of a parent but it can be done and it saves a lot of time in the long run.

These are minor steps I have learned along the way to help mitigate conflicts with difficult landlords. In a tenant friendly city some of these might be moot but I still find that keeping food in the kitchen and cleaning carpets is important for me and my family.

Roof replacement can be very expensive.

July 11, 2014

Two of my good friends were married last weekend after having been together for eight years and engaged for five. With such a highly anticipated event my friends wanted to make a weekend of it instead of just one night. They rented out a property an hour south of Denver in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. My boyfriend and I have been close friends of the bride and groom for three years and were honored to be included in their wedding party. They decided to have a smaller, more intimate wedding with just their family and very closest friends. Because the two of them are from South Carolina it was a big deal that their families would all be coming together in one place for a couple of days. My boyfriend and I arrived at the property where the wedding was being held two full days before the actual wedding. Everyone else was already there and we were so excited to meet the families of two of our closest friends. The two days before the wedding were absolutely beautiful. The sun was shining but it wasn’t too hot and at night it cooled down but the skies were clear to see all of the stars. Everyone was enjoying themselves and the bride and groom were incredibly relaxed considering that they were hosting a wedding weekend.

rooferThe day of the wedding started off great. The sun was shining and everyone was excitedly running around getting ready. The ceremony was to start at five o’clock and around two o’clock I walked down to the reception site to finish up last minute decorating. I was down there for about twenty minutes and all of a sudden it started pouring down rain. Being a native of Colorado I knew that this storm would pass within the hour and was thankful that it was raining now and not closer to the ceremony time. As I was waiting for it to stop raining so that I could walk back and get ready for the ceremony, I noticed a leak in the roof of the reception area. It was a pretty significant leak and I had to pull over a garbage can to catch the flow of water coming down from the ceiling. A couple of seconds later I noticed another leak about twenty feet away. Before I knew it I had found five different leaks in the roof. This venue was in desperate need of a roof replacement.

I ran over to the main office to find the owners of the venue to inform them of the multiple leaks. I was shocked to see that they were not surprised or concerned. They informed me that they had had the roof repaired twice already and nothing seemed to work. I informed them that it was probably time for them to hire a contractor for a full roof replacement. Thankfully it stopped raining soon there after and they were able to clean up the water from the leaks and it didn’t rain again that night.

Get all of the spa services you need under one roof.

July 10, 2014

Come to La Tierra salon & day spa and try one of their many services, or try them all! La Tierra has so much to offer all in the comfort of a serene and peaceful spa. You can get your hair cut and colored then go for a mani/pedi and then finish with a massage. Not enough for you? Add on a facial and wax to complete your spa experience!

It can be very difficult to find a great salon & spa, especially in the suburbs. La Tierra in Highlands Ranch, Colorado has all the amenities of a big city spa. Owner Karen has gone out of her way to make sure that your experience at La Tierra is nothing less than spectacular. She hires only the most qualified and talented staff. Karen has been in the industry for more than 30 years and knows what she is doing. Her experience and expertise shine through La Tierra. 

You can go to just any salon to get your hair cut. But why would you do that when you can benefit from the expertise of the hair stylists at La Tierra? They are all trained on the latest techniques and stay on top of the latest fashion trends leaving you with great service. You can choose from different stylists who are junior, advanced, senior and master. If you are on a bit of a budget then choose a junior stylist. You will still leave the salon with a great cut and color no matter which level of stylist you choose. 

Not just another nail salon. La Tierra is so much more. You can have a Shellac manicure or you can choose to stick with traditional acrylics. There are different pedicures that you can choose from that offer luxury treatments such as a Rosemary Mint Pedicure or a Hot Stone Pedicure. Which ever your style they have something for you. If you don’t want to stop at just a pedicure you can also benefit from a soothing foot reflexology. They also have a gentleman’s pedicure for your any of the males in your life. 

Facial treatments are a great addition to any spa day. La Tierra offers Aveda facial treatments preformed by licensed and experienced estheticians. You can choose from a Plant Peel, Pure Focus Facial or an Aveda Restorative Eye Therapy treatment. You will leave the spa feeling refreshed and with silky smooth skin. You can expect to see improvements almost immediately following any of the facial treatments. They also offer packages to encourage you to keep up with your skin care regimen.

Massages allow you to relax and wind down after a hectic day or week at work. The messeures at La Tierra will work out any kins in your neck or knots in your back. You will walk out feeling refreshed and pain free.  

A salon should make you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed. La Tierra is the place to go for any beauty services that you may require. You can trust in their professionalism and experience and know that you will leave feeling great. 




Our freshly paved asphalt driveway looks incredible

July 7, 2014


We moved to Colorado because of my husband’s job relocation and it was a move the entire family was all too happy to make. Usually when you have to uproot teenagers from their high school and core group of friends it can be a traumatizing experience but I think we were all very happy to get away from the cold winters and harsh climate of the Northeast. In exchange for blizzards and cloudy skies we would be living in one of the sunniest states in the nation, although don’t tell that to people in Florida or California. It’s funny because you never think that constant sunshine will have an effect on your or your surroundings but it absolutely does. To illustrate this point I will give you two examples of surfaces that the sun can wreak havoc on, your skin and your asphalt driveway. I think the two are perfect for comparing and contrasting the sun’s effect on a surface because they are both porous and flexible layers that covers and protects what is beneath it. For your skin you will need to keep it hydrated. This means drinking a lot of water (when I say a lot I mean more than you think you need or are even thirsty for) and of course keeping it hydrated with lotions and balms. Since you cannot put lotions and balms on an asphalt driveway you need to have it repaved and sealed often.

There is a company that services many parts of the state of Colorado called Holland Hurst. In the three years since living here we have called them twice to come out and do work for us. As you can see from the picture above they do a wonderful job of assessing, grading and laying down a tightly packed layer of asphalt. We found this paving company to be reliable and respected based on their extensive level of experience. Unlike other companies that simply come to lay a hot layer of asphalt over an existing surface, Holland Hurst will be there from the start of your job to it’s completion, doing everything from grading to fabric paving over existing roads or driveways. Not all paving companies have the capability to grade a surface so it was very nice to get this service completed without having to contact a second party.

The reason Holland Hurst is able to do grading is because of their equipment and experience. They bring heavy duty pavers and grading equipment to each site that compliments their talented staff nicely. We found that they worked very hard and completed our driveway in much less time than we anticipated. They even beat their own estimated completion time! Asphalt is cheaper and more durable than concrete because it is flexible and able to move and flex with the changing weather. you don’t have to worry about the freeze and thaw of the harsh Colorado winters because asphalt is designed to move and adapt to dramatically changing weather, something we have a lot of here in Colorado.

Roll-up shutters might be able to muffle the noise of loud neighbors.

July 1, 2014

If you are considering putting up storm shutters on your home then you are headed in the right direction. Storm shutters will protect your home when storms roll through your area. Storm shutters also other benefits such as keeping UV light out of your home and also protecting doors and windows. Once you make the smart decision to install storm shutters you will be able to choose from a few different types such as accordion shutters and roll-up shutters. There are pros and cons to each that you should be aware of. You will need to review both in order to come to the best decision possible.

Roll-up Shutters:

These shutters are multi-functional and aesthetically pleasing. You want to protect your home but not at the expense of adding big ugly shutters. Roll-ups are very easy on the eyes and offer some really great options.

• Improved insulation from heat and cold.
• Privacy control.
• Electric or manual operation
• Central control systems available.
• Built in look… Less visual impact.
• Covers openings up to 16 ft. wide and 15 ft. high
*may require additional bracing.
• 4 designer colors.
• Excellent sound control.
• Convenient Light control.
• Easy operation from inside or outside the home.
• Provides excellent security.

Roll-Up Shutters are versatile for:
• Stucco, brick, wood fascia, or frame.
• Ease of operation is important.
• Sun and light control is important.
• Security is important.
• Sound control is important.
• Access to opening is difficult, e.g., second-story windows.


Accordion Shutters:

These are very durable and versatile shutters and can be installed on almost any building.

• Maximum strength and security.
• Convenient operation from inside or outside of house.
• 4 standard colors, White, Ivory, Beige and Bronze.
• Unlimited widths and 12′ Heights available.
• Concealed floor tracks available.

Accordion Shutters are versatile for:
• Concrete, masonry, frame construction.
• Curved area needing storm protection.
• Simple slide together operation.
• Ability to operate and secure from inside as well as outside.

A company like AA Awnings is a great resource tool to help you decide which type to install. Once you decide they can custom make the shutters and install them for you. They will come out to your home and take all of the measurements that they need. This eliminates any miscalculations you may make yourself. A lot of places do not make custom shutters and so you have to order something that is close in size. Sometimes this works out just fine but in may cases a more accurate size is needed.

I personally would go with the roll-up shutters because they offer more bonuses. I really like that it helps improve insulation from the heat and cold. I am willing to bet that you could reduce the cost of your electric bill after installing these shutters. They are also more eye appealing and match more styles of homes. Another great feature is that these offer sound control. Nasty storms can often be very loud and scare children and pets. Anything that can control the noise is great. They might even work for noisy neighbors!

storm shutters

Marty Erzinger is our investment manager

June 30, 2014

Marty Erzinger

It’s important to manage your wealth and to hire the right person to do so. When you are wealthy and have many accounts and assets to watch over you need an investment manager who is looking out for your best interests. Our investment manager is Marty Erzinger and we are very happy to be working with him. There are many qualified investment bankers and investment managers in the state of Colorado who can help point you in the direction of promising investment opportunities and wise allocations with your money but from our experience only Marty Erzinger Bob sanctuary wealth advisors understands each of his clients unique and individual needs. He truly listens to what you have to say and what your investment goals are. Not every person will want the same things for their money so this amazing investment manager crafts a unique portfolio just for you.

It’s important that you have a knowledgeable banker in your corner. Someone who can provide you with a comprehensive strategy and game plan that you can stick to burger listen of market conditions. Sure, you want to be flexible and you want to have the ability to change on the fly but ask any of the wealthy elite and they will tell you that you must stay the course more often than not. By choosing a wise investment strategy and faithfully sticking to it you will see incremental games turn into large canes and your wealth will be protected.
Sanctuary wealth advisers works with clients that have a concentrated stock portfolio. Because concentrated stock positions usually mean a large amount of money they take this very seriously. They can help you reallocate your assets, manager money, transfer assets across generations and give you a solid plan for investment strategy. Our advisor, Marty Erzinger has the kind of experience we feel very comfortable with. He is a certified investment manager and has been working with sanctuary wealth advisers for years. He is a nationally recognized investment manager and one of the founding partners of sanctuary wealth advisors. We feel that he is more than adequate to meet the needs of high net worth individuals such as our family and many of the other colleagues we associate with at the Cherry Creek country club. He has written for several investment publications and is widely respected in the industry. Additionally, he is the chairman of the economic club of Colorado and that right there tells you he really knows his stuff.
Don’t let your money sit there and be subject to wild market fluctuations. Be proactive with your net worth and trust in Marty Erzinger to help navigate the choppy waters of the stock market and to protect your wealth and assets. In the future he can help you reallocate this money to your children or grandchildren as it is written in your will. Don’t delay, contact Sanctuary Wealth advisers today and speak with Marty Erzinger. Tell him you are looking to keep your money safe and growing and he can help.

5 of the Most Famous Steel Buildings Around the World

June 29, 2014

There’s no doubt, steel buildings are getting more and more popular in the agricultural and industrial scene. And the fact that many retail and residential owners are now opting for metal buildings makes this type of structure a great solution for anything that has to do with construction.

But did you know that some of the biggest and well-known buildings and structures around the world are made of steel? Take a peek below at five of the best there is on the planet!

Eiffel Tower, France

For 42 years, the Eiffel Tower was known as the tallest building in the world – not until the Empire State Building in New York and the Burj Khalifa in Dubai were built in the following years. But for many people, it has remained an emblem of magnificence and durability, thanks to its steel composition. Its grand structure and unique architecture also contribute much to its overall appearance. No wonder it has become one among the most recognizable buildings on earth today.

World Trade Center III, China

Beijing is known as one of the shopping districts in China. But when the World Trade Center III was built, its reputation grew more. The building was constructed in steel for two reasons: to keep it upright and to achieve a solid foundation in the event of an earthquake. Definitely, you will feel safe here.

Brooklyn Bridge, United States

Approximately 130 years old, this steel bridge remains one of New York City’s greatest achievements. Its composition is of immense durability that it has stayed intact up to this day since it was built. The metal used for constructing the bridge is also so strong that it took them years to finish the project.

Bhurj Khalifa, United Arab Emirates

Bhurj Khalifa in Dubai is the world’s tallest man-made structure that was completed in 2009. It may have used the bundled tube design, with lesser steel usage as that of the Empire State Building, but it is still a product of this metal composition. The building features a park, an observation deck, and a beautiful fountain.

Empire State Building, United States

Another famous grand structure is the Empire State Building that was built in 1931. Again, it is made of steel, but bears that magnificent and splendid look due to the art deco on top. This just shows that steel is flexible, and can be designed into various shapes.

Now, who would say that steel buildings are not popular? In fact, they are, and the above-mentioned structures are proof that they are much better than any conventional buildings in terms of durability, architectural design, and style. They are also longer-lasting – take the Brooklyn Bridge for example! So if you are thinking investing in the construction of a metal building, make sure that you team up with a reliable and experienced supplier, such as Anthem Steel, to provide you with high-quality products and outstanding services and support. This way, you will have no trouble in constructing the building you have been planning to erect, whether for agricultural, retail, or residential structures.

Handmade earrings make for perfect housewarming gift

June 23, 2014

My best friend Kristen had been looking for a place to buy for nearly a year. She had the down payment and the loan required, but the neighborhood she wanted to live in simply was a neighborhood a lot of other people also wanted to live in. She was pretty set on it and had rentedhandmade earrings there for years, so knew how much she loved it. Finally, after close to a year, her realtor got a tip about a condo going up for sale in exactly the right spot for a great price. He was able to get her in touch with the seller and she was able to make an offer before it even went on the market. The seller accepted immediately and Kristen had her dream place!

There were several more weeks of closing arrangements and inspections and then, finally, Kristen was able to move in. She was thrilled, but it was bigger than the place she was currently renting so she had some furnishing to do. When she finally had it all ready, she decided to throw a housewarming party. She swore up and down that she did not want any gifts, but I knew most people would get her something anyway. Wine, candles, coffee table books, and other such items are always touted as excellent housewarming gifts but I had just returned from a trip where I had visited Sterling Jewelry Store on my vacation and picked up a few pairs of excellent handmade earrings.

It was not a traditional gift, but I had specifically picked up extra items, including sterling silver bracelets, that I could give away as gifts as occasions arose. Kristen is a dear friend of mine and loves jewelry, so it seemed like an appropriate use of one set of the handmade earrings as a gift. I knew she would like them, wear them, and would remember me when she wore them. Unlike a bottle of wine, she could use earrings over and over again, and I knew she would. She loves accessorizing and does not like yellow gold, so sterling silver would be perfect for her and her wardrobe.

I was excited to give them to her at the housewarming party. As I assumed, there were a lot of typical housewarming type gifts such as wine and little knick knacks. One friend of ours sewed her some napkins which were really cute, and several people brought coffee table books. It was a great party and so fun to get to see all of our friends. I was really excited to give her the earrings, and she loved them. In fact, she put them on right away and wore them all night. They went perfectly with her outfit and since she mostly only wore silver anyway, I was pretty sure they would go with most of the rest of her wardrobe. I highly recommend thinking outside the box for gifts for certain occasions, such as housewarming or a celebration for someone getting a promotion.

Looking for Perth builders cleaning company

June 16, 2014

I’m looking for a company that will come in and do the cleaning up after we are finished with the construction of our addition on the house. I know that there are companies that will do something like building cleaning, so I suppose that I need to find a Perth builders cleaning company or something like that. It needs to be someone who specializes in that type of thing. There are a lot of hazards that need to be cleaned up when there is a construction site involved, and so not just any cleaning company would be able to get that taken care of. We will need for sure to have someone who is certified and trained to take care of things like sheet rock and mudding splatters. There are all kinds of thing that we removed from the outside of the house where we were going to have to add the addition. So that means that we have piles of insulation and other types of things from inside the walls that will need to be picked up and hauled away. I’m not sure that there are any Perth builders cleaning companies that will actually take away all that stuff, we may need to have a dump truck come and pick it up and take it to the dump to be removed. But there will still be quite a bit of left over stuff that is on the floors and the ground that will be left behind if we get a dump truck to come for the big stuff. And that will still need to be cleaned up.perth builders cleaning

And then there is the inside of the house as well, because there is now dust from the insulation and from the sheet rock that was put into the walls that has landed all over the house. The kitchen is covered in a layer of dust and we need to get that whole thing cleaned up for sure. That can’t be good for the kids to be breathing in, and so that really is a great reason for us to get a Perth builders cleaning company in here now and get it all taken care of before we are done with the project as a whole. That way we can be finished with the building and the cleaning will already be done for us, and we can just sit back and enjoy our new home. I’m not sure what we were thinking when we decided to take on this project on our own, but we are in the middle of it now and we have to keep going until it is completed and finished. This is another reason for hiring a cleaning company, because we don’t want to have to clean after the construction is done. We just want to be done with the whole thing at that point. We don’t want to drag the project out even more because we are thinking that we still have to clean everything up so that its safe for the kids.


Don’t be afraid to make your window coverings

June 15, 2014

Choosing window blinds can sometimes be a difficult task for many people. Many people may like something but are afraid it won’t work well in their home. Many people find themselves going very neutral in order to have window blinds that are going to match in their home. But being able to step away a little bit and build a little bit more around the window blinds can really help to make your home shine. Sometimes stepping out The Bosque’s can be a difficult task for people to do. But when you make a bold different look to your window blinds shades or shutters you’ll find that you can have something truly unique and yet make it very attractive at the same time. Although being different can be a little bit nerve-racking at first you will truly enjoyed being able to stand out with your window coverings then what with most people are willing to go with.

Choosing some of the more bold features or colors can really help to add personality to the home. Design concepts are more willing to class colors and yet have them come together in unique ways than ever before. If you are stuck on what to do just take a look online and look at the different types of bold features that you can now do with your window coverings. Whether you are choosing to go with the blinds shades shutters drapes or a combination of window coverings that works for your home you can find that there are unique ways to style them to make yours stand out. You don’t need to worry about them standing out in the wrong way when you choose to go with professional help to have them picked out designed and installed.drapes You can get each of the unique combination that is really going to help your home shine. This is what’s so great about window coverings today. The new features added quality and customization that is available can really help you make the right choice for your window coverings. You can be bold once again and not be afraid to make a statement with your window blinds he can really add to the overall feel and flow to your home. You will make all of your friends and family jealous when you choose to go a little bit bold and being a little bit more willing to step out of the box to provide unique window coverings for your home. Making this bold statement will help you to fully enjoy the accents near home and the quality behind what you get will also help benefit the overall warmth that these window coverings can add to the home. Be bold and enjoy your window coverings when you choose to go with shades shutters and drapes that are a little bit defiant.  Don’t think that you have to stay inside the traditional box.  Express yourself in your design at home with your window shades and love your home because it’s who you are.

Online marketing is a proven method to sell homes

June 12, 2014

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Our real estate firm has recently switched the marketing company we work with. It has been called the buzz in the office lately because tomorrow morning we roll out the new website! We have been needing a facelift and an updated look to our website into our corporate identity for some time now so even though a new real estate web design might seem minimal to someone from the outside looking in, it is quite a big deal indeed for us. The new company we are working with is called the Real Estate Marketing Gurus and we have all been very impressed with the comprehensive, data driven approach they have laid out for us. Unlike our last marketing company that we worked with that provided us with little to no support and didn’t seem to take a very creative approach towards marketing, the Real Estate Marketing Gurus combine their creativity and passion for success with real, tangible data that you can see you and feel.

By relying on data driven decisions your company can step back and see the marketing strategy you have been working with from an objective platform. Maybe you paid for pay per click advertising and banner advertisements on one website but you realize that more of your clients and more of your potential demographic actually visits another site entirely. The Real Estate Marketing Gurus will allow you the flexibility to change and be fluid in your marketing approach so that you can accurately find and market to these individuals. It’s important to know that every dollar you spend on marketing should be returned one to two fold so just blindly spending your money on billboards, radio advertisements or television spots is not likely to lead in that direction. Because the marketing funding is by far the smallest slice of pie in our chart we need every dollar to work hard for us.
Did you know that you are far more likely to have success with your website if it has a mobile ready and compatible platform? In a recent survey over 80% of people polled said that they are more likely to purchase goods or services from a company whose website is accessible through their smart phone. If you think about it, having a mobile ready website is very smart because everyone walks around with a mobile computer in their pocket these days and they can quickly access pictures, information and contact points without having to go to their office for that information. It can streamline the process of connecting with your base of clients and make your company more profitable.
The importance of having an increased online visibility cannot be overstated. Many people these days will go online if they are wishing to purchase goods or services in their local area. To tap into this market and to maximize your potential profits you need to have a highly functioning website that attracts buyers. By turning data and information into tangible, reliable leads for your company you can see the value of online marketing.

Self storage rentals can be cheap.

When I was in college, I had a girlfriend for my freshman and sophomore years.  Against many of the suggestions and pieces of advice from friends, she and I were together a lot.  I actually feel like I missed out on a good chuck of college because of that.  Nevertheless, I learned a lot from the experience and I think that it has made me a better boyfriend now as a result.  The biggest thing that it has done is made me aware of my own limitations.  I can’t be there all of the time, so communicating that is critical.  Nevertheless, I bring this up because of this one story we have of going to a self storage place.  Also, I can’t believe that I just wrote all of that only to bring up a story of her leaving her stuff in a storage locker while she went home for the summer.

storage rentalWe both lived in the dorms at DU and we were able to enjoy our time there for a very good bit.  It was nice living in the same building as your closest friends.  However, this also meant that we had to find somewhere else to live during the summers.  I was able to find a very cheap apartment off campus.  When I say cheap, I mean that I was able to find a place for $500 for the entire summer.  Nevertheless, she was going to go home and live in San Diego for the summer.  This was totally okay with me, but the issue was that she had nowhere to store her stuff.  Ultimately, she decided that the best place to store her stuff was at a self storage rental.  She was able to find one that was not too far off of campus.  It was also incredibly cheap and that is why I bring up this story today.  She was able to store all of her stuff in a locker for three months for only $100.  That is way cheaper than I thought that it was going to be.  When you think about how limited space is in Denver, it is very surprising to me that you could rent out lockers like that for so little money.  The concept of self storage units is a great one.  She was able to keep all of her stuff in the locker, not having to worry about taking it anywhere and then it was all there when she got back to Denver.

I have never had to store stuff in a storage unit because my parents have always lived so close by, but if I ever did move away from them, I would want to keep my larger stuff somewhere so that I could access it when needed, but not have it take up so much room in my house or apartment.  Right now, my apartment does not have any storage space, so that is something that I have to be aware of when I am looking to purchase anything with some size to it.


Shutters are my favorite thing about Florida

June 10, 2014

We have been vacationing here in Florida for as long as I can remember, and every year as the time gets close to our trip I get excited for so many of the things that will happen while we are there. One of my favorite things is to be on the beach, and I love to anticipate that I will just be sitting on the beach for many days in a row. I love the sounds of the ocean and the feel of the white sand, and I think that it really is one of the more perfect places to experience. And because I love the sounds of the ocean so much, I also love the Hunter Douglas shutters that everyone seems to put on their vacation rentals. This is the best idea, in my opinion, because you can leave your windows open all night long and hear the sounds of the ocean coming in through the slats in the shutters. The shutters can be shut and latched from the inside, so they are safer to have open than windows. But you can still feel the breeze that comes through the slats, and you can also still hear the sounds of the waves from the ocean through the Hunter Douglas shutters. I have long since wanted to replicate that feeling and that sound at my own house, but we do not have any water near by us, and there is just no real use for shutters where we live. People put them up on their homes, but they are really just for decoration and they are not at all being used by the people who live there.hunter douglas shutters

I think that they always use the Hunter Douglas shutters here because they are a higher quality and are very sturdy. These shutters can stand up to the fierce winds that happen here in the hurricane seasons, and they are also sturdy enough that you don’t have to worry about anyone breaking in through them in the night time or when you area away from the home or vacation cottage. Shutters here are serious business, and there is just no other brand that you want to go with than the Hunter Douglas brand of shutters. They are literally on every house and condo that we have stayed in when we visit the beach here, and we are always staying in different places because we do the vacation rental by owner and they always have new ones that we want to try. Or our favorite ones are all rented out and not vacant for us to rent. So, all of this means that we love to come down here when we have the time off and experience the ocean sounds and breeze, and we also love to allow it into the house when we are not at the beach. The shutters that are on the windows here are perfect for that, and so we are always going to be coming here for our trips. We love that you can sleep with the shutters closed and still hear the ocean.

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Baseball can lead to the cosmetic dentist

June 9, 2014

One of the things that I love to do is go to the park and watch my kids play little league baseball.  They get very excited about it, and they love to have fun both with the game and with their friends.  The baseball program is really big in my town and I am happy that both of my boys decided to get involved in it.  Every Saturday and Sunday afternoon we are in the watching them play, and it is a great time being there with all of the other parents.  Towards the end of the season, though, we had a bit of an incident that ended up with some emergency dental care.

My younger plays catcher for his team.  He likes the responsibility, likes being at the center of the play when things are really starting to happen in the infield.  He spends a lot of time with his coach and his pitchers, working on hand signals; he thinks that the batters figure them out pretty quickly (or maybe the base coaches – either way, he doesn’t think that they last).  He also loves chasing pop up foul balls.  The best pitcher on the team has a really fantastic curve ball, so he sees quite a few foul balls.

When a ball pops up like that, the first thing a catcher has to do is pull off his mask so that he can see the ball, which also means that he immediately pulls off his face protection.  Well, when he was chasing this one ball he still didn’t see the third baseman running in to chase the same foul ball.  They bumped into each other, not badly, just enough that my son lost track of the ball.  And, of course, it came down and hit him in square in the mouth.  One of his teeth got knocked out, and another one got chipped.  He had to leave the game and I had to take him to the cosmetic dentist.

We had a good stroke of luck and found the missing tooth pretty quickly.  I’ve been taking my kids to the same family dentist for years, so not only did he know what kind of activities my boys get into but he was willing to clear some time to do emergency work.  At least there was a new issue of Sports Illustrated in the waiting room so I had something to keep myself busy while I waited.  Two hours later, long after closing on a Saturday, and we had my son patched up and smiling again (though that might have been the novocaine…).

I guess there are two things to learn from that afternoon.  The first one is that if you are going to take off your mask, make sure that you know exactly where the third base player is (and call the ball loudly!).  The other is that if you are going to raise two kids who are both as into sports as my boys are, you need to make good friends with your dentist!

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Complete your look with a Botox treatment

June 8, 2014

Do you have unsightly wrinkles around your eyes, creases of your mouth, and wrinkles on other parts of your face? Most people do get unwanted lines and wrinkles as they begin to age.  Fortunately, there are steps you can take to get rid of unwanted lines and wrinkles and have your skin looking fresh and young in no time!  Many people, as they start to age, begin looking into a variety of anti wrinkle and anti aging options.  There are numerous types of creams and salves which claim to have age defying properties.  While some of these may work, more times than not you will end up spending a lot of money on creams and concoctions that do not have the desired effect.

If you are looking to makeover your look and searching for a simple fix for your aging skin, give botox a try! Botox is an injection which is proven to get rid of wrinkles and leave you with smooth and young looking skin.  It is a simple injection into your skin which actually causes the skin to become paralyzed for a short amount of time, and diminishes or removes the look of wrinkles and lines.  The effect is amazing! People loose years and years in their appearance.  Botox is a really great option for someone with an important event or occasion where they want to look their best.  It is also a really great choice if you just want to look younger to feel more confident.

If a makeover is what you want, injections of botox are a great option.  Pair it with a brazilian wax, a manicure and a pedicure, and a massage, and you will look and feel like a new person. And it lasts for up to four months, which means that you will look great for a whole four months.

It is really amazing that there are so many new technologies out there to help people age and provide much needed beauty treatments.  So many people feel insecure as they begin to age and loose their useful look.  There is no reason to live life feeling like your face does not show who you really are.  If you are one of millions of people who want to retain their clear skin and their youthful appearance, botox may be the right choice for you.

Some people might be concerned about the pain associated with an injection of botox or the side effects.  Botox, however, has proven to be quite safe! The best advice if you are nervous would be to do some research on your own to learn more about what botox is, how it makes your skin look smooth, and what the possible side effects are.  Once you have done your research, find a doctor who you trust who can give you the botox injections.  The first time may be a little bit scary, but you will be so thrilled with the results that you will find yourself going back again and again for botox treatments.



Innocent Bystanders Of Society Need Retractable Awnings More Than Anyone

June 7, 2014

Flexibility is a good thing, no matter where you’re coming from or what you’re talking about. Even buildings that are built high into the sky are designed to bend a little, otherwise their overly-rigid construction could be the reason that they topple over and crush innocent bystanders beneath them in a hurricane or high-winds. Who wants that? Killing innocent bystanders is clearly bad for business and will obviously result in someone having some serious legal repercussions because of it. So, if that doesn’t illustrate my point clearly then stick with me, I’ll bring you into the light shortly and you’ll surely agree with me that flexibility is a concept that should be universally accepted as a good and beneficial thing. Let’s talk about home energy efficiency and effectively utilizing natural light. You know, the stuff that the sun produces and makes the grass and the flowers grow, sometimes it’ll even burn you if you let it, especially if you’re what people commonly refer to these days as a “ginger”. So, everyone needs to listen up, especially the gingers, as we discuss the value of flexibility as it pertains to retractable awningsretractable awnings.

Didn’t think I was going to go there huh? No, I’m not referring to my comments about gingers, I’m talking about my seemingly arbitrary segway into custom retractable awnings. Yeah, so what of it? What are you going to do, sue me? So what if my segways aren’t as smooth as the word’s definition implies that they should be, I’m trying to save gingers from the harmful rays of sunlight here and that’s a valuable public service, wouldn’t you agree? We can’t have support groups of gingers gathered on someone’s back porch somewhere trying to enjoy tea and crumpets while discussing their feelings about being ostracized by society while they’re getting blasted by the sun. They’re going to need a protective, adjustable and flexible solution to this problem and that solution is a custom awning. If there were more people like me in this world, perhaps there’d be more of these kinds of gatherings in an outdoor setting instead of the dark, dingy, smoke-filled back rooms of Laundromats and old storefronts. Perhaps, the gingers wouldn’t feel so oppressed. Thus, they wouldn’t be planning their revenge on the world in secret while we all continue living our lives, oblivious to the angry and frustrated undercurrent of social injustice brewing in the betrayed, collective heart of the ginger nation.

Maybe, the innocent bystanders that I casually referred to earlier in this article are actually a metaphor for our society’s inability to be flexible towards a ginger’s needs. After all, they’re just people. They just happen to have almost transparent skin that looks like a membrane pocked with random orange and brown spackle. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t champion the idea of making awnings available to all, including gingers. Places like Roger’s Awnings can help us all make sure that the ginger movement isn’t suppressed to the point that it is driven so far underground that it becomes a serious problem for us all.